In & Out Series, archival prints

Over the past few years, I interviewed American, Taiwanese and Hong Kong lesbians, to learn more about the stories of their hands. Our hands are a frequently and intensively utilized machine of our body. For lesbians, their hands have deeper and more personal meanings. Therefore, I invited individual participants to perform in front of my lens how they touched and made love to their partners, thereby performing the private. This series of photographs is not only their portraits, but also projections of the lesbian desire.

When I was studying in the US, I began to trace the LGBT history of Hong Kong. Under the influence of the British colonial rule, Hong Kong imported the UK’s sodomy law. That law used to criminalize anal sex between men and between heterosexuals. There is however no equivalent restriction on lesbian sex. This has prompted me to ask: how do lesbians engage in sexual intimacy? As a result, I started on this project to explore the possibilities of sex.